💼How to create Basic Task

Unlock the power of simplicity with Basic Task – your ultimate solution for effortlessly crafting the perfect workflow tailored to your needs.

Step 1: Click "Create Task" button

After clicking the 'Create Task' button, you will be taken to the Basic Mode.

Step 2: Fill in the "Name" field and check the "Active" box.

  • Name: the 'Name' is the title of the task you are about to create. Make sure to name the task in a way that describes your workflow, making it easy to distinguish between different tasks.

  • Active: The task will only be active when the 'Active' checkbox is ticked.

Step 3: Select Trigger

A trigger is an event that will occur on your store. When the event you select occurs, your task will be executed. Every task requires the selection of a trigger.

To learn more about our triggers, you can read further about Shopify's webhooks. Each of our triggers corresponds to a webhook topic on Shopify.

Step 4: Select the Action

An action is a logic that the task will execute

Each action contains several different options. You should fill in all the mandatory option fields, while the others are optional. Please fill them in as per your specific business needs.

You can add as many actions as you like, so create a workflow that fully addresses your business needs by combining actions together

Step 5: Save and test yours flow

After completing all the steps above, click 'Save' and get ready to test your task.


  • The trigger you've selected is 'CUSTOMER_CREATE.

  • Your action will add a new tag to the customer.

Go to the admin dashboard, create a new customer. Then, wait for approximately 30 seconds, return to the app, and go to the 'Activities Log' section to check whether your task ran successfully or failed.

If the log reports a failure, please double-check the options you entered in the action to ensure their accuracy.

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