🖥️How to create Advanced Task

Step 1: Click "Create Task" button, then click into "Advanced Task"

You can find the 'Advanced Mode' button in the upper right corner of the screen

Step 2: Fill in the "Name" field and check the "Active" box.

  • Name: the 'Name' is the title of the task you are about to create. Make sure to name the task in a way that describes your workflow, making it easy to distinguish between different tasks.

  • Active: The task will only be active when the 'Active' checkbox is ticked.

Step 3: Select Trigger

A trigger is an event that will occur on your store. When the event you select occurs, your task will be executed. Every task requires the selection of a trigger.

To learn more about our triggers, you can read further about Shopify's webhooks. Each of our triggers corresponds to a webhook topic on Shopify.

Step 4: Write the code

The 'Code' is the main logic that the task will execute. We provide support for writing this code using JavaScript.

If you're familiar with coding, please continue reading the instructions below. However, if you're not, you can contact us via email at linhlt@bsscommerce.com, and we'll be ready to create a custom code logic tailored to your business needs.

We provide a set of functions that allow you to interact with data on Shopify:

  • getShopifyData: This function allows you to retrieve desired information from Shopify, and the information retrieved depends on the parameters passed to the function.

  • modifyShopifyData:

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